Marshall amps, Fender amps, Gibson amps, Mesa Boogie amps... if they're not listed here, we've probably still got them in stock! Looking to buy, sell or trade an electric guitar amp? Make Midwest Buy & Sell your one-stop shop, because we will make you your best deal and pay you cash for your used equipment. Not working? We may be able to fix it and will buy it anyway. Or maybe we can fix it and you can get a few more years of rockin' with your rebuilt guitar amplifier. 

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  • Electro harmonic mig 50 head

    Like new electro harmonix mig 50 head. 519.00

  • Marshall Jcm 800 head

    1987 marshall Jcm 800 50 watt head vg cond 1495.00

  • BadCat 15 combo amp

    Badcat 15 1/12 combo amplifier clean 1595.00

  • Marshall P.A rare

    1976 Marshall 100 watt head with matching bottoms 2/10s and 2/12s in each bottom rare 4500.00

  • Fender bandmaster top n bottom

    1964 fender blackface head with matching 2/12 bottom excellent cond.1495.00

  • Musicman 210rd

    1980,s music an 210rd combo amplifier clean 695.00

  • Mesa boogie MK IV amp

    1983 Mesa boogie mark IV 1/12 combo amp with foot switch very good cond1295.00

  • Ampeg v4b head

    1970,s Ampeg V4 head good condition 800.00

  • Fender super reverb amp

    1964 blackface super reverb combo amp clean original 1995.00

  • Hi watt custom 100

    1973 hiwatt custom 100 head Clean with road case 3295.00

  • Orange or120 head

    1974 stand bye switch added 2495.00